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To all deviants that fave my artwork, thank you very much!


Some awesome artwork by some awesome people!


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Francis Quadrangle Sketch by smartguy123
Francis Quadrangle Sketch
:music: Every true son, so happy hearted, skies above us are blue. There's a spirit so deep within us, Old Missouri here's to you. When the band plays the Tiger war song, and when the fray is through, we will tramp, tramp, tramp, around the columns, with a cheer, for Old Mizzou... HIT IT! Hooray, Hurrah! Mizzou, Mizzou, Hooray, Hoorah! Mizzou, Mizzou, Hooray, Hurrah! And a "Bully" for Ol' Mizzou! Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah! Mizzou-RAH! Mizzou-RAH! Mizzou-RAH! TIGERS! :music:

So October 25 will be my first college homecoming. Not only that. but I'm going to the school that created homecoming: Mizzou, or the University of Missouri in Columbia, the first public university established west of the Mississippi. The university was founded in 1839, making this year its 175th anniversary. What a cool way to begin my time at the Zou! I'm pretty excited for homecoming. So today I sat down on the famous Francis Quadrangle and decided to sketch it. It was a perfect October day. The trees are turning different colors and the leaves are peaceful. The Francis Quadrangle is famous for its six freestanding columns. Academic Hall caught fire and burned down in 1892, leaving all but the six limestone columns. Alumni supported leaving the columns in place, and they have remained standing ever since. Some hope they will stand for a thousand years. The building behind the columns is Jesse Hall, which is the rebuilt academic hall, although obviously not as big as the first. Banners hang in between the columns with the four key values of the university: respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence. Students like to sit on the bases of the columns to study. I've done that several times. It's relaxing. :) So anyway, I just wanted to upload the sketch before homecoming. I might touch it up and color it later. I'm not sure...

Don Quixote Cover by smartguy123
Don Quixote Cover
"And so, by now quite insane, he conceived the strangest notion that ever took shape in a madman's head... to become a knight errant, and to travel about the world with his armour and his arms and his horse in search of adventures, and to practice all those activities that he knew from his books were practiced by knights errant,  redressing all kinds of grievances, and exposing himself to perils and dangers that he would overcome and thus gain eternal fame and renown."

So a few months ago I officially started college and I'm enrolled in a Humanities course, where we read and dissect ten books in a semester. The course I'm in now is "The Early Modern World" and our first reading was Miguel de Cervantes's famous novel, Don Quixote. I took Spanish for four years in high school and we talked a lot about Don Quixote my senior year, so I was quite happy that it was the first book in the series. It's quite long, about 980 pages with 74 chapters. Thankfully we only had to read sections, although I do intend to read the entire thing one day. I really enjoyed the book. It follows the adventures of a hidalgo in Spain that has a huge library filled with books on knights and chivalry. He reads these books so much that he becomes insane and decides to become a knight himself. He fixes up some old armor, gets on his horse Rocinante, convinces a local farmer called Sancho Panza to become his loyal squire, and rides off to do daring deeds and restore chivalry to the land. In one of the most famous scenes, he charges a group of windmills, mistaking them for fierce giants. Needless to say, that didn't go well for him. XD
    My English course goes along with the Humanities course and our latest assignment was to take a work we had read so far and transform it into a modern media. I chose to turn Don Quixote into a videogame! Seriously though, Don Quixote would make a pretty cool open-world RPG game. So, I drew a rough design for the cover of the game, featuring the iconic windmill in the background and Don Quixote in his knight armor, his face mysteriously hidden in shadow. His name appears in red and yellow, the colors of the Spanish flag. Also, the Q in Quixote is made of a shield and a lance. The game would be for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. I rated it "E for Enchanters", and if you've read the book you would know that Don Quixote is always blaming the "wizards and enchanters" for his failures. The game would possibly be published by Activision, but I really put that there as a placeholder. I'm not really a big fan of Activision but it was the best publisher I could think of at the time. XD Now, if you'll excuse, I have some giants to battle...

"Affairs of war, even more than others, are subject to continual change."


smartguy123's Profile Picture
Jacob Tilman
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: Missouri, United States
Favorite Style of Art: Fan art, but I like all art
Deviant Status: Artist and Art Appreciator

I am mostly an art appreciator but I do love to draw, whether it's a doodle during class or a drawing I work on for days at home. I don't consider myself to be an excellent artist, not at all. I just draw for fun and because I enjoy doing it. Most of my drawings fall into two categories. Art projects I worked on in art camp or art class, and art I do completely for fun. The art I do for fun is mostly fan art, such as drawings of characters from my favorite shows, movies, and video games. Most of my fan art is from the past several years, as I've strarted to draw less and less of it.

I joined DeviantART mostly to look at and comment on the AMAZING artwork that can be found everywhere on this site. Some of this art just completely blows me away. I'm confident that these emerging artists will go great places some day. I also joined to upload some of my works, both fan art and art projects, and see what other artists think of them.

I don't do much on YouTube, mainly like and comment stuff, but here's my channel :…

My Favorite Things:

:iconlaracroftplz: :iconoldspyroplz: :iconhunterthecheetahplz: :iconratchetplz: :iconclankplz: :iconaangplz: :iconsokkaplz: :iconkataraplz: :iconavatarkorraplz: :iconturbokatplz: :iconskt-boneplz: :iconskrazorplz: :iconhiccupplz: :icontoothlesslickplz: :iconpazuplz: :iconstarwarsplz: :icondoomplz: :iconoldsonicplz: :icontailzplz: :iconmarioplz:

A Few Stamps:
Classic Spyro by SillyStell Video Game Music Stamp by Ppeacht Slow interwebz by prosaix [Stamp] Gratitude by Creepiest Laputa Stamp by TwilightProwler Tomb Raider stamp by BL00DIEDHELL stamp: avatar by ohhperttylights Legend of Korra Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion Swat Kats Stamp by Hotarubaku .:Smile Toothless:. by OxAmy Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku I still love PS2 Stamp__ by DarkShelke stutter by Kelsi-sama Original PlayStation Stamp by nakashimariku - The Prince of Egypt - stamp by Pouasson-de-oro
I think it's time I wrote another journal entry but it's late so I don't feel like writing a long one so... it's quote time! FUN! :la: See how many of these quotes you know, or you know, don't know! XD I'll post the answers in about a week or so. :)

1. "That tree is getting away with our treasure! Get it! Get it!"
2. "I'm just a guy with a boomerang! I didn't ask for all this flying...and magic!"
3. "I hope Natla sent you here with more than that shotgun..."
4. "Just stand still he says... I'll turn your boots to gold he says..."
5. "I don't know. Let's just get in the jet and get out of here..."
6. "Well... That wasn't the reaction I was expecting..."
7. "What's the reason? For the darkness, that is."
8. "While you're down there, could you rub my feet?"
9. "You do realize that's a plane flying below us, right?"
10. "I will not be the weak link!"
11. "She wouldn't come near me if she was on fire and I had the only bucket of water in town!"
12. "Peppermint? I spilled a bottle once. The carpet was soaked, and it forever smelled of peppermint, like you!"
13. "You came here in that thing? You're braver than I thought!"
14. "Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?"
15. "Affairs of war, even more than others, are subject to continual change."

Happy guessing! Extra "points" if you can guess who said them in addition to what the quote is from! :D

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